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What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Until the 20th century, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies, meaning they combined one or more active ingredients into a customized treatment for an individual patient’s needs. Today, very few pharmacies provide this type of personalized service.

A compounding pharmacy you can trust

Pinecroft Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing high-quality compounded medications to suit your unique needs. As a compounding pharmacy, we formulate a combination of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner, into specific dosage forms such as capsules, creams, gels, tablets, lozenges, suppositories and other forms.

With the advent of mass drug production, compounded medications have taken a back seat. However they have begun to experience a resurgence in recent times because of the many benefits that compounding brings. More physicians are prescribing compounded medications for individuals with unique health needs. Compounded medications also offer an attractive alternative to discontinued or hard-to-find medications and traditional forms of treatment.